Ziggurat Interactive's Retro First Friday gets Les Manley in November

No, not less manly, Les Manley! Check out the full slate of revitalized retro games arriving in Ziggurat's Retro First Friday this November.


It’s another first Friday of the month, and that means that Ziggurat Interactive is back with a fresh new slate of refreshed classic games for players to check out. Each month, Ziggurat takes these Fridays and uses them to launch a collection of classic games. This month brings us a menagerie of adventure games with a couple of titles from the classic Les Manley series kicking things off.

Ziggurat Interactive announced it’s November Retro First Friday with a press release on November 6, 2020. Retro First Friday is Ziggurat Interactive’s fresh offering of new games that kicks off on the first Friday of every month. In October, we got suitably spooky titles like Legacy: Reign of Terror and more, and this month keeps the fun going with something a bit more lighthearted. The Les Manley point-and-click series kicks things off with two games in this month’s offering. Les Manley in: The Search for the King and Les Manley in: Lost in L.A. is follows the adventures of Les Manley as he goes on comical (and somewhat risqué) adventures to become something more than a dead-end deadbeat.

That’s not all, This November’s First Friday also brings us Timequest - a text-based adventure in which players must chase a madman who has figured out how to travel time back through the ages and stop him before he alters history and wrecks current-day civilizations.

Finally, Hunting Unlimited 3 rounds things out. The Hunting Unlimited games have made appearances in previous Ziggurat Retro First Fridays where they allow players to take on a quiet and relaxing hunt of various game with different and varied firearms and tools. Hunting Unlimited 3 adds more dangerous quarry like mountain lions, wild boars, moose, and grizzly bears, as well as vehicles such as the ATV to get around faster. You can take on over 50 mission challenges or even create your own in the game’s level editor, with sharing options available if you want to send your levels to other players.

Each of these games in Ziggurat Interactive’s November Retro First Friday are on discount for a limited time. Whether you go looking for luck in Les Manley, fixing time in Timequest, or hunting prey in Hunting Unlimited 3, each of these games is available now.

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