Ziggurat's October Retro First Friday showcases The Legacy: Realm of Terror & more

The new Retro First Friday releases from Ziggurat Interactive brings of The Legacy: Realm of Terror, Sea Legends, Psi 5 Trading Company, and XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter.


It’s a new month and Friday, which means the re-release of several more retro gaming classics from Ziggurat Interactive for Retro First Friday. With October, the group has kicked things off spooky with The Legacy: Realm of Terror, but with it comes other classics as well.

Ziggurat Interactive launched its October slate of Retro First Friday games with trailer on its YouTube channel on October 2, 2020. Each month, Ziggurat Interactive has brought several new retro re-releases to the table, including The Train: Escape to Normandy in August and Battle Engine Aquila in September. This October is no exception as this Retro First Friday brings with it an appropriately themed re-release of The Legacy: Realm of Terror, as well as Sea Legends, Psi 5 Trading Company, and XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter. The Legacy: Reign of Terror puts you in the role of a descendent of an occult group who have left you a house of evil. As your home turns into a twisting realm of nightmarish creatures, puzzles, and supernatural power, you’ll have to do use all of your wits and reflexes to survive the horror in this RPG adventure.

Sea Legends is a much brighter affair, taking players to a pirate life in the Caribbean. With point-and-click adventure elements, action sword duels, 3D ship battles, and more, player will take on the untamed oceans of 1667 as they amass their crew and fleet of ships, solve puzzles, and fight to earn their commission at the island of Barbados in this multiple game style adventure.

Psi 5 Trading Company takes players to the depths of space for a different type of voyage. As a space freighter captain, it’s your job to assemble a crew, assign them jobs, and get the goods where they need to go no matter what in the cosmic frontier. Taking notes from the likes of Oregon Trail and other management sims, Psi 5 Trading Company demands you keep track of a varied crew, the cargo you carry, and everything’s safety as space outlaws threaten your journey.

Finally, XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter brings us a far more action-oriented space voyage as players take on the titular ship in combat against alien forces. When insect-like beings make sudden and hostile contact with human forces using never-before-seen technology, time is running out on humanity's survival. With many lives lost and the fate of the remaining few depending on your squad and experimental ship, it’s up to you to turn the tide in this space flight combat sim.

Each of the above games is out now on Steam as part of Ziggurat’s dedication to collecting and re-releasing gaming classics for a new audience. If you’re in for a romp down memory lane, be sure to check them out and stay tuned for more classic gaming returns next month.

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