Bright Memory will be a launch day title on Xbox Series X

The updated Bright Memory: Infinite is still slated for release sometime in 2021, but the original will be a launch day title for Xbox Series X.


Playism and FYQD-Studio wowed a lot of Xbox fans when it showed off the upcoming Bright Memory: Infinite for Xbox Series X, a first-person melee/shooter title with stylish combat and beautiful environments. The update to the single-person project is slated to arrive sometime in 2021, but the original Bright Memory is coming to Xbox Series X as well. And to get players ready for what comes next, Bright Memory will be a launch day Xbox Series X title.

Playism announced the original Bright Memory’s arrival on Xbox Series X on the Playism Twitter on November 2, 2020. On November 10, 2020, Bright Memory will become available through the Microsoft Store for play on the Xbox Series X and S consoles alongside their launch. It should be noted that this is the original version of the game and not Bright Memory: Infinite, which was showcased on an Inside Xbox episode revealing third-party titles coming to the Xbox Series X and S.

The original Bright Memory is also currently available on Steam for PC and can be played now. Furthermore, PLAYISM and FYQD-Studio offered that if players owned the original Bright Memory when Infinite comes out, then they’ll get Bright Memory: Infinite for free. It is unknown at this time whether the same deal will extend to Xbox Series X/S editions of the game, but it will be a good way for players looking forward to Bright Memory: Infinite to see what leads up to it. The game certainly showed off a cornucopia of beautiful ray traced lighting and weather effects and intense shooter and melee combat in the short time we got to see it.

It won’t be long before we get to see how Bright Memory handles on the next gen. Stay tuned for the Xbox Series X/S launch on November 10 as we look forward to further details on Bright Memory: Infinite in 2021.

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