ShackStream: Talking Zelter & lighthearted zombies with the devs

Join us on a special ShackStream as we chat with about upcoming 'cute' zombie survival game Zelter with the developers!


When it comes to zombies, it doesn’t matter how lighthearted you make them. They can still be a menace when they swarm up on you. That doesn’t stop the folks at G1 Playground from putting a sweet pixelated aesthetic on zombie survival when it comes to the studio’s upcoming game, Zelter. Today we’re going to talk about that aesthetic, the style of the game, and more on a special ShackStream!

Zelter is an indie zombie survival game coming shortly to Steam early access on October 22, 2020. The game puts players in the role of a survivor who just came up on the short end of a rampage, but fortunately lived to tell the tale. Now she has to rebuild a shelter, forage from the nearby areas, avoid the zombie hordes, and enlist the help of fellow survivors where she can. Each passing day means new opportunities, but also new dangers in this “cute,” but also intense pixelated romp.

Join at 9a.m. PT / 12p.m. ET as we’re joined by the developers of Zelter, G1 Playground, on the Shacknews Twitch channel. We’ll be showing the latest trailer and chatting about various aspects of the game! You can also catch it live below.

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This world of zombies may look pleasant, but the danger is real! Come on in, pop a squat, and join us in talking about Zelter with G1 Playground as we go live shortly!

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