XIII remake trailer showcases the weapons & gadgets of the game

With the game launching on PS4 and Xbox One on November 10, XIII's remake got a new trailer showcasing weapons and tools for both loud and silent approaches to missions.


PlayMagic and Microids aren’t far off from releasing the remake of XIII on current systems this coming November. And with that in mind, we got a fresh look at what we can expect out of the game. A new trailer showed off a wide array of weapons and spy tools players will be able to utilize as they choose between the loud and messy or silent and stealthy approach to the game’s missions.

Microids released the latest trailer for the XIII remake on its YouTube channel on October 19, 2020. The trailer gives us a full rundown of the weapons that can be found throughout XIII’s missions, from the simple, yet effective 9mm pistol up to the bombastic and deadly bazooka. We also got a look at quieter selections for the stealth approach, including throwing knives and a scoped crossbow. In addition, the trailer introduces players to the non-combative tools they’ll be using to achieve objectives throughout the game, including lockpicks and listening devices. You can have a look for yourself in the trailer below.

One of the selling points of XIII has always been its cel-shaded comic book-style action and it’s on full supply in the game’s newest trailer. Whether you’re a fan of the quiet kill or the largest explosions, it’s looking like Microids and Playmagic are doing a good job of bringing the fantastic aesthetic of the game together for its November 10 launch on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. We recently saw XIII Classic appear on Steam both in the original game’s form, as well as in a pre-order bundle which would give players access to the new game at a sweet discount. There’s still time to get in on that deal, though not much longer with the November date fast approaching.

Either way, XIII is looking sleeker and more stylized than ever and we’re ready for a modern console return to this underrated first-person shooter when it arrives next month. We’ll be taking the loud route with our generous bazooka, thank you.

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