Planet Coaster: Console Edition gets pre-order trailer ahead of November launch date

As Frontier Developments readies to launch PlayStation and Xbox versions of its amusement park builder, a new pre-order trailer has launched for Planet Coaster: Console Edition.


The idea of handling all the fun and creativity of Planet Coaster with a gamepad might sound unwieldy, but Frontier Developments continues to make it look like a fun reality. Planet Coaster: Console Edition is moving towards an official release date in November, and ahead of the fun, a pre-order trailer has launched. In it we get a showcase of the easy-to-use remade tools and the pre-order bonus coaster: Oswald’s Magnificent Machine.

Frontier Developments recently launched the pre-order trailer for Planet Coaster: Console Edition on the Planet Coaster YouTube channel. The new trailer continues to show off the creativity and fun we’ve come to expect out of Planet Coaster when a beautiful park comes together. The building and creation tools, park and ride sharing, and management gameplay are all intact. Particularly, Frontier Development promises that players will be able to create and share their unique amusement creations through the in-game community ecosystem like we’ve been able to do on PC, and that’s just great. Have a look for yourself below.

It’s increasingly exciting to see Planet Coaster: Console Edition come to fruition. We’ve seen the gameplay come out little by little, including snap grid placement of objects, copy and paste, first-person guided coaster building, and so much more. In addition to all of this, it looks like pre-order buyers will be getting an exclusive unique coaster to add to their park in the form of Oswald’s Magnificent Machine. With PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions set to launch on November 10, and the PlayStation 5 version coming on November 12, there’s plenty to look forward to.

You can even have a look at the gameplay of the Console Edition from an early build below to get an idea of what building and creating will be like in the game.

Digital and physical editions of Planet Coaster: Console Editions will be available and you can learn more about them and the Oswald’s Magnificent Machine pre-order bonus on the game’s website. If you’ve been holding off for a good amusement park tycoon-style game, Planet Coaster is almost assuredly what you’ve been waiting for.

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