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Disco Elysium gets unexpected console news on its first anniversary

The first anniversary of Disco Elysium also ushers in a patch that adds a nifty language feature. Plus, a Steam discount!


Disco Elysium is celebrating its first birthday. In order to help the merriment along, the team at ZA/UM have released an update, given the game a discount, and offered some news on an unexpected console port.

Firstly, the console port: it’s not the Nintendo Switch. The press release got me good, so I had to get you, too. It’s actually a fan-made port by Colin Brannan for the Nintendo Game Boy, if you can believe it. Brannan has managed to recreate the first part of the game for the Game Boy, and it can be played online or mobile. Even better, if you’ve got the technical know-how, you can download it onto a ROM and actually play it on a Game Boy. All we need now is a Switch port.

As for the update to Disco Elysium, the team has released a feature that allows players to switch languages in-game. This can be done at any moment at the tap of a button. Is the detective mid conversation? Doesn’t matter. Switch those langages.

The press release also makes note of a special message from Mikk Metsniit, Head of Publishing at ZA/UM:

We’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the game over the last year. We’ve had such an overwhelmingly positive response to Disco Elysium and this last year has been a radical journey for the whole team. We really appreciate everyone who has played the game and are really grateful to our amazing fan base.

Nod if you like the Disco Elysium 30% Steam discount.

The other good news is that Disco Elysium is currently discounted by 30% on Steam: $27.99 USD down from $39.99 USD. If you’ve not played the game, you should do yourself a favor and change that. It’s simply phenomenal. Here’s a snippet from my review of Disco Elysium:

It’s not very often that a game of this calibre comes along. Disco Elysium is mad with psychedelic energy, unabashedly dramatic, and dangerously well-written. I wish, like the detective, I could forget all about Disco Elysium, if only to experience it again as if for the first time. It’s truly one of the greatest RPGs ever released.

So while we all would have liked some news on the Disco Elysium Nintendo Switch port on the game’s first anniversary, we’ll have to settle with a pretty user-friendly update, a sweet retro port, and a discount that will hopefully get more people in.

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