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Apple's iPhone 12 opts for 5G instead of 120 Hz displays

Users that were hoping to get higher frame rates from their iPhone 12 will just have to settle for faster internet speeds.


Apple’s next mobile phone, the iPhone 12, will not include a 120 Hz display, instead opting for 5G compatibility. This news refutes the rumors that Apple would be pushing for higher refresh rates in its new line of mobile devices.

iPhone 12 no 120 Hz
The iPhone 12 series of phones will not feature 120 Hz displays, as rumors suggested.

According to reports by Jon Prosser, the choice to include 5G and not a 120 Hz display is a multi-pronged decision. Both of these systems are heavily dependent on battery, which results in a shorter battery life. The choice was then to use one instead of both.

Prosser goes on to state that the decision to go for 5G instead of a 120 Hz display is that the average consumer is more familiar with 5G than refresh rates. For marketing, it’s easier to sell the idea behind faster internet speeds to the lowest common denominator than it is to preach the benefits of more frames.

The news of Apple’s focus on 5G comes as the company announced its iPhone 12 generation of mobile devices. This new line of iPhone will be featuring 5G technology, which allows it to reach data speed of over 4GB per second. It was also revealed that Verizon would be partnering with Apple for 5G data coverage.

On the topic of battery life, Apple has made the decision to not include wall charges with the new iPhone 12s. This decision comes as the company looks to be more environmentally friendly. Without the need of packing a wall charger (and earbuds) with every iPhone sold, Apple will be able to limit the amount of raw materials used. Users will still receive a USB-C to lightning cable.

It will be interesting to see how consumers, both general and tech savvy, react to this news. Will the average consumer find the notion of 5G appealing, especially given it’s a relatively new technology? Will the tech savvy purchaser opt for something other an iPhone 12 in order to get a phone with a higher refresh rate display? Only time will tell. In the meantime, check out the Shacknews Apple Event October 2020 page for a rundown of everything announced during Tuesday’s event.

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