Airborne Kingdom's Ben Wander talks world building & narrative creation

The Wandering Band and Airborne Kingdom director Ben Wander sat down to speak with us about the sky city builder and the creative decisions that have gone into the game.


Airborne Kingdom is a bohemian and relaxing quest to craft a balanced flying fortress of civilization, as well as traveling across the land connecting various kingdoms together through alliances and mutual well-being. The game is incredibly relaxing, but also thoroughly engaging in what it offers as a city builder and the way you progress through it. We recently caught up to the game’s director, The Wandering Bands’ Ben Wander, to talk about the design decisions that went into world crafting and narrative creation in Airborne Kingdom and beyond.

A major part of Airborne Kingdom is its randomized world. You start at the same point each time, but the lands and kingdoms beyond that are randomized, meaning who you meet, when you meet them, and what you can gain from the interaction changes. Wander addressed the design of this game when it comes to the visuals, claiming that as the team built the narrative, the visual style slowly formed with it. Eventually it became this tapestry of outstretched lands and their scattered denizens as players guide their kingdom to reunite people who have isolated themselves.

When we played Airborne Kingdom in our preview, it most certainly wowed us with the relationship between the flying kingdom and the world below it. This game is a balancing act between handling your own progress with resources from the land and interacting with kingdoms and villages to make all parts better. It might seem like it can get unwieldy, but Wander and his team actually worked to create a sensory balance in which players can let the story unfold for them as they will. According to Wander, you really can just approach Airborne Kingdom as a pure city builder without fully engaging with the story. It’s up to you how it all unfolds.

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