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How to claim Ash's Pikachu in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Ash's Pikachu is now available in Pokemon Sword & Shield, but not for very long. Here's how to claim it for your own save file.


Earlier today, The Pokemon Company offered a look at what's next for Pokemon Sword & Shield. While the game's second expansion is an exciting piece of news, it was easy to overlook another big item hidden within all the exciting reveals. Ash's Pikachu is now available to grab in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

How to claim Ash's Pikachu in Pokemon Sword & Shield

As part of the celebration for the upcoming Crown Tundra DLC, Pokemon Sword & Shield owners can now claim Ash's Pikachu for their copy of the game. This is Pikachu wearing anime protagonist Ash Ketchum's signature cap. But which cap? Ah, yes, Ash sports more than one cap in the Pokemon anime, but you'll be able to pick up both.

In order to claim your Ash's Pikachu, you'll want to jump into the Mystery Gift option on the Pokemon Sword & Shield pause menu. Here are the steps to take, as noted on the Pokemon website:

  1. Select Mystery Gift on the X menu.
  2. Select Get a Mystery Gift.
  3. Select Get with Code/Password to connect to the internet.
  4. Enter your password. (Use P1KACHUGET for Pikachu with Ash's Original Cap and 1CH00SEY0U for Pikachu with Ash's Partner Cap)
  5. Watch as the gift arrives in your game. Check your Pokemon Boxes.
  6. Save your game.

While Ash's Pikachu is being offered as a celebration of Sword & Shield's next DLC, you do not need to own either expansion to claim it. It's free for all players. There are a few caveats to be aware of. Ash's Pikachu cannot evolve into Raichu, so what you see is what you get and what you'll keep. More importantly, this is a limited time offer. Ash's Pikachu will only be available from now through November 30, 2020 at 6:59AM PT.

Pokemon Sword & Shield is available now. The Crown Tundra DLC is set to release on October 22. Be sure to read up on our full recap of this morning's announcement.

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