Destruction AllStars will get a PS5 Digital Deluxe Edition

Destruction AllStars is also getting a deluxe edition for its PS5 release, as Lucid Games explains a little more about what players can expect.


Today's been a big day for PlayStation 5 launch games. More information has been rolling in about pre-orders and also about deluxe editions. Those deluxe editions don't look to be restricted to retail games, either. Destruction AllStars is also looking to get a special upgrade, which will be sold as a digital deluxe edition.

Here are the items that will be included in the Destruction AllStars Digital Deluxe Edition, according to PlayStation.Blog:

  • One Legendary Character Skin and Vehicle Skin
  • One Dance Emote for Lupita
  • Four Banners and five Avatars
  • 10,000 AllStar Currency

To go along with today's announcement, the team at Lucid Games went into more detail regarding what Destruction AllStars entails in the aforementioned PlayStation.Blog post. For the uninitiated, it's not solely a destruction derby, though that's a big part of it. Players will control vehicles, as well as the stars driving those vehicles. When outside of the confines of their car, the stars have their own special abilities that they can use, which makes them as much of a threat outside of their vehicle. That means wrecking the opponent's car is only half the battle.

Here are examples of individual character abilities, as noted on PlayStation.Blog:

  • Shyft: Uses cloaking technology to go invisible and take over vehicles before his opponents notice.
  • Ultimo Barricado: Become invulnerable to incoming attacks, from vehicles and characters.
  • Lupita: Drops trails of fire that causes burning damage to vehicle and KO characters.
  • Boxtop: Spawns parcels that buff team mates and deal explosive damage enemies.

Destruction AllStars will come with 16 characters at launch, but Lucid Games does not plan to stop there. The development team is promising new game modes and new features as part of an unrevealed roadmap. All updates will be free.

Destruction AllStars is set to release on November 12, the same day as the PlayStation 5 launch. The Digital Deluxe Edition will run for $79.99 while the standard edition runs for $69.99. At least those post-launch updates are free, right?

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