Destruction AllStars revealed during PS5 livestream

Get ready to smash vehicles to pieces in Destruction AllStars.


Destruction AllStars is a new title by Lucid Games that was revealed during the PlayStation 5 unveiling livestream. This title looks to harness the intensity of a destruction derby and fuse it with some kind of extreme version of gridiron football. Please check out the official trailer for Destruction AllStars embedded below!

Destruction AllStars revealed for PS5

Destruction AllStars was revealed during the PlayStation 5 event on June 12. The official trailer gave players a sneak peek at the type of gameplay they can expect, and suffice it to say, it looks explosive.

It would appear that players can take on the role of various characters in Destruction AllStars. These heroes will likely feature different vehicles and moves, boasting various positives and negatives. What’s interesting is that the game appears as if its blends a destruction derby-like gameplay with wallrunning and some light NFL motifs. Whether this is the case is yet to be seen.

All the action takes place in a massive arena that will immediately remind players of Rocket League. There are various obstacles and other terrain features that will break up the flow of a match. According to the YouTube trailer description, the main goal of a match is to wreck as many cars as possible. What the characters are doing running around outside of cars is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they’re lending a destructive hand wherever possible?

Now that Destruction AllStars is officially unveiled for the PlayStation 5, we can begin holding out for any and all information about this exciting new title. So you don’t miss a beat, make sure you check out the Destruction AllStars page where we’ll be posting said news as soon as it breaks. There still more to discuss about this massive livestream, so take a gander at our PlayStation 5 page for everything you need to know.

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