Street Fighter 5 Dan character preview shows off the fan-favorite joke fighter

At Tokyo Game Show Online 2020, Capcom finally gave fans a good look at returning fighter Dan Hibiki for Street Fighter 5, and it looks like he's packing more than just taunts and overcompensation.


In the Street Fighter fanchise, Dan Hibiki has always been the go-to character for embarrassing your opponent. A running joke of the series since Street Fighter Alpha, Dan has always been an irreverent and headstrong mockery of Shoto relegated to lower tiers. But that’s also what makes him a favorite in the eyes of many fans. He’s finally coming Street Fighter 5 in Season 5 and at Tokyo Game Show 2020, Capcom finally showed off the returning fighter’s moveset.

Capcom launched a Street Fighter 5 Dan preview during its presentation at Tokyo Game Show Online 2020, and on the Street Fighter YouTube channel. The video breaks down Dan’s entire movelist, including normal strikes, throws, specials, V-Skills, and one of his supers. As usual, much of Dan Hibiki’s moves are bombastic and more show than go compared to typical Shoto fighters like Ryu, Ken, and Akuma. That said, underneath Dan’s showy machismo is potential you’d be foolish to overlook. Just check out some of the combos that can be strung together from his moveset in the video below.

As the final season of character DLC for Street Fighter, Street Fighter 5, Season 5 appears to be pulling some rather great remaining names for the roster. Dan has long been a desired character because of his status as Street Fighter’s fan-favorite joke character, but we’re also getting a special guest in the form of Akira Kazama from Rival Schools. Fellow Street Fighter Alpha character Rose and Street Fighter 3’s Oro have also been confirmed, and a last mystery fighter is still awaiting reveal, but Dan is a great to kick off the Street Fighter 5, Season 5 roster launch.

As we await further details on Street Fighter 5’s last season, be sure to check out the video above, soak in all the Dan you can, and get ready to embarrass your foes thoroughly when Dan Hibiki kicks off Season 5 this Winter 2020.

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