How to use the character creator - Among Us

Show off your own style by customizing your spaceman's appearance using the character creator in Among Us.


Customizing your spaceman in Among Us using the character creator tool is a must-do for all players. This lets you express yourself however you please. Some players will only care about the color they are while some may want to go the whole hog. It’s not immediately obvious how to customize your character, so don’t worry if you missed it.

Character creator and customization

The only way to customize your character in Among Us is to use the character creator computer in the pre-game lobby. When you join a game, you will notice a little laptop on a crate, this is what you use to change your appearance.

  1. Join or host a game of Among Us
  2. Approach the laptop on the crate
  3. Click the laptop or the customize button on the bottom-right
  4. Select your color, hat, as well as skin and pets if you have them
    1. This menu also lets the host change the Game Settings
character creator among us
Using the laptop in the pre-game lobby lets you customize your character in Among Us.

After you access the laptop, you will be able to select which color you want to be. The color you select will be the one you always are, unless you join a game where someone else is already that color.

There are currently 12 different colors to choose from to customize your character. However, the developers are planning to work on a colorblind mode, which will see more colors added to the game.

You can also select whatever hat you want to wear. Players that have purchased the PC version of Among Us will find they have some skins unlocked while mobile players won’t have any unless they purchase skins from the store.

customize appearance among us
You can even buy pets to further customize your appearance.

Regardless of whether you’re playing on mobile or PC, you will need to purchase a pet if you want one. Pets range from little aliens, dogs, mini spacemen, even robots and stick figures. This is a great way to continue to support the devs and help them add more content.

Now that you’ve got the character creator and customization sorted, you can get back to fixing the ship (or killing and sabotaging if you’re an Impostor). Remember, you can change your character’s appearance whenever you’re in a pre-game lobby. Check out the Shacknews Among Us page for more helpful tips.

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