Trask transport truck location - Fortnite

Find the Trask transport truck in Fortnite for a weekly challenge and get one step closer to unlocking Wolverine.


Finding a Trask transport truck in Fortnite is going to be the first thing a lot of players look to do over the coming week. This marks the next challenge for players on their way to claiming a Wolverine skin. If you’ve been away from the Fortnite game for a while, or otherwise forgotten, tracking down a Trask transport truck spawn location might be time-consuming.

Trask transport truck spawn location

Finding the Trask transport truck is required for the Wolverine Week 5 challenge in Season 4 of Fortnite. Completing all these challenges will eventually reward players with the sweet Wolverine skin, but that won’t happen if you miss out on finishing one of these tasks.

trask transport truck fortnite

As for the Trask transport truck location, it can be found in the northwest of the island. You will want to search about as northwest as you can possibly get. There is a little patch of road that has been dumped on the island. The truck is tucked between some trees, below street signs. 

If you go to the lighthouse, you’ve gone too far north. If you make it to Coral Castle, you’ve gone too far west. The sweet sport is right between Coral Castle and Doom’s Domain.

fortnite trask transport truck location
The Trask transport truck is on a highway that's been ripped out of another plane of existence and dumped here.

Once you’ve located the Trask transport truck, all you need to do is get close to it or jump in the back and the Week 4 challenge should pop. Definitely jump in the back, even if the challenge pops. There's an XP chip inside, which will help you on your way. Finding the truck and collecting the XP coin will get you one step closer to the end goal of unlocking another sweet skin.

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