Spellbreak has attracted over 5 million players to its magic-based battle royale

Proletariat's free-to-play magic-infused battle royale Spellbreak only came out of early access recently, but the game has already amassed over 5 million players.


It’s looking increasingly like Proletariat might have a hit on their hands with their magic-centered battle royale title Spellbreak. The novel take on battle royale uses the last-man-standing formula and infuses it with a collection of spells and spell combinations instead of the usual gunplay. It’s doing something right because Proletariat just announced that the game has gone past a 5 million player milestone.

Proletariat announced this impressive 5 million player milestone on the Spellbreak Twitter on September 23, 2020. The game has been turning heads with the unique way in which players approach it with a mix of collectible offensive and defensive spells wielded in each hand to do battle across its Hollow Lands. In addition to the 5 million player mark, Proletariat proudly announced that it has been a heavily watched game, with viewers watching for a combined 4 million hours and 300,000 members having joined the game’s Discord. Safe to say, the launch of Spellbreak has appeared to be a success.

Many of Spellbreak's impressive stats, besides its Discord members, are tracked from its launch at the beginning of this September.
Many of Spellbreak's impressive stats, besides its Discord members, are tracked from its launch at the beginning of this September.

Though Spellbreak had time in betas and early access, it launched in full on September 3, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store. What’s more, it launched with cross-play and cross-progression so you can play against any and all players on any platform and take your account’s progress with you to any platform you want to play. It’s free-to-play nature, keeping monetary transactions to founder’s packs and battle passes full of cosmetics, most likely certainly helps in convincing players to give it a try as well.

Back in early impressions of the game before its full release, we certainly enjoyed our time with Spellbreak in our hands-on preview. Here’s hoping it continues to work its magic and bring a little fire and lightning to the battle royale scene.

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