Family Setup for Apple Watch announced during Apple September Event

Families looking to have more control over family activities will find a lot to like with Family Setup for Apple Watch.


Along with all the new products and features shown off during today’s Apple Event, one of the more interesting things on display is the Family Setup feature for Apple Watch. Family Setup allows the user to configure more than one Apple Watch from an iPhone or cellular-enabled Apple Watch. 

Parents can use this new feature to track their kid's location and activity. Additionally, this will allow a family to deploy an array of Apple Watches without the need to deploy multiple iPhones to pair with them. Apple is partnering with various mobile carriers worldwide to offer cellular-enabled versions of the new Apple Watch 6 that fully support Family Setup. Each of the watches in a Family Setup collection will also get their own unique phone number.

Protecting children is always important, so parents can set filters that regulate which numbers can call or be called from Apple Watches under the control of Family Setup. A schooltime function serves as a tool to prevent unwanted distractions for specific times. Presumably, crafty operators may be able to use these features to keep the older family members who are prone to wandering under more comprehensive supervision. Now you won't need to wonder if Grandpa has wandered onto the freeway again, you'll simply be able to check on his Apple Watch and confirm that he is, in fact, standing in the middle of the freeway. Technology is cool.

For all of the announcements out of Apple's September 2020 Event, such as the reveal of new iPad models and iOS updates, keep it tuned to Shacknews.

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