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Fall Guys secretly sent hackers to 'Cheater Island' to play against each other

But cheaters are persistent filth and didn't stop, so now Fall Guys is getting Epic Games anti-cheat software and expertise.


Fall Guys has a peculiar problem. Despite being a field of absolute chaos in which nothing matters too much and the point is just to have fun, a ridiculous number of morons still feel the need to cheat in the game to pluck wins from the hands of legitimate players. So hefty is the problem that Mediatonic apparently tried a unique approach to containing it that involved sending confirmed cheaters to a “Cheater Island” queue of servers in which they were matched up against other dishonorable whelps. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as intended, as revealed in a lengthy story leading up to teasing Fall Guys’ latest update.

The long thread pertaining to Cheater Island and teasing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s upcoming anti-cheat update was posted on the Fall Guys Twitter on September 14, 2020. It’s a lengthy story of how Mediatonic attempted to gauge cheating and coral it into cheating queues: a corner of the Fall Guys servers allegedly dubbed “Cheater Island.” As Mediatonic carefully tuned its cheat detection to ensure no players were mistakenly labeled, the queue started to fill up. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work as intended when people started posting videos of possible Cheater Island matches.

Cheater Island has unfortunately been retired because it became too hard to tell if the videos being posted were Cheater Island or not, and it wasn't good for the game's image. It’s not the first of its kind. Call of Duty: Warzone, also rampant with cheating, also employed such methods to force known cheaters to fight against each other in frustratingly glitched-out matchups of garbage pail cheating prowess. That said, Fall Guys has since been working with Epic Games (well-versed in the matter with games like Fortnite and Gears of War) to bring in new and in-depth anti-cheat systems which are set to roll out in the next Fall Guys patch.

As Mediatonic themselves admitted, cheaters are crafty and, like blood-sucking parasites, won’t give up easily once they’re locked in. But hopefully with the upcoming Fall Guys “Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus” patch on the way, some of these dastardly players’ cheating days in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout are numbered.

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