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All mutations and perks - Grounded

Unlock all the mutations and the perks they offer in Grounded so you can become the best kid in the yard.


Mutations are a new perk system added to Grounded with update 0.2.0. By unlocking mutations, players can activate three to give their character some perks and buffs. For those that want all the options, getting every mutation will be a top priority.

All mutations

There are more than a dozen mutations to unlock in Grounded. Each of these mutations has a special effect, which will give the character a buff when equipped. Below is a table containing all mutations, how to unlock them, and what they do.

Mutation name How to unlock Effect Levels Description
Buff Lungs Sold by BURG.L for 7000 Raw Science - needs Anthill BURG.L chip Increase stamina  1 You inhale and your cells burn bright with an enhanced energy capacity.
Grass Master Cut down grass (50, 200, 500) Increase chopping power  3 Like an insatiable lumberjack you're becoming a living lawn mower. Your intimate knowledge of chopping grass allows you to topple them with increasing ease.
Rock Cracker Break resource nodes (25, 75, 100) Increase resource breaking power  3 A path of destruction is left in your wake and it's clear that busting makes you feel good. Your little arms bring hammers down with an ever-growing efficiency.
Ant-Nihilator Kill ants (50, 100, 150) Increases damage to ants  3 The ant has become a familiar threat, and you begin to know your enemy inside and out. Death and devastation greet all ants that face you.
Lil Fist Kill enemies with your fists (50) Damage increase  1 Your tiny limbs flail and crash upon foe after foe. With every little swing these bitty bones of your harden and muscles tighten.
Coup de Grass Find the four-leaf clover Critical hit chances  1 Discovering a beacon of hope in the darkness lifts your will to survive. Bursts of inspiration flash before your eyes in the heat of battle as you land blows one can only describe as lucky.
Juicy Find all Punch-O juice boxes: Tropicop, Lemon Crime, Armed Raspberry, Apricop, Peach Thirst and hunger decreases slower 1 Like a true bookworm, you can't resist a wall of text. An encyclopedic knowledge of beverage ingredients enriches you.
Natural Explorer Find landmarks (5, 20, 50) Increase movement speed  3 With each landmark found you gain a better understanding of the lay of the land. Your tiny feet traverse the yard like it's the back of your hand.
Cardio Fan Drain your stamina several times (100, 250, 500) Increased stamina regen 3 Exhausting your tiny body over and over again, your cells adopt a more efficient respiration process.
Reliable Friend Revive a teammate (5, 15, 30) Increase revive speed 3  Life in the lawn is filled with narrow escapes and you've beenright there for all of it. Your muscle memory, mixed with ope and determination, makes harrowing rescue all the more probably.
Sharpshooter Kill enemies with a bow (50, 100, 200) Increase bow damage 3 A film crawls across the surface of your eyes, allowing you to focus with deadly clarity. Deal increased damage with all bow type weapons.
Meat Shield Sold by BURG.L for 7000 Raw Science - needs Grasslands BURG.L chip Increase max health 1 Your size to meat ratio is off the charts and you take hits like a champ.
Fresh Defense Collect mint Increased gas resistance (stinkbugs, haze)  1 A plume of mint dust envelopes you and sends a cool wave rippling through your skin. Cells activate a freshness layer to combat the sting of all that stinks and burns.

Credit to the Grounded wiki for some of the above information.

How to activate a mutation

activate mutation grounded
Players can have three mutations active at any one time and can be changed on the fly. Highlight the perk you want to enable and press the "Equip" button.

Once a mutation is unlocked, it can be activated via the Status menu under Biometrics. This menu shows every mutation you’ve earned as well as its level and what it does.

Highlight the mutation you want to use and press the "Equip" button. You can only have three mutations activate at once, but, mutations can be swapped in and out at any time. Pick the right one for the job at hand!

How to upgrade mutations

grass master mutation max grounded
The Grass Master requires you to cut down a lot of grass in order to reach the max level.

Some mutations feature several levels. For each level a mutation reaches, its effect will grow in strength. In order to increase a mutation’s strength, you must complete the task described in the above table.

For example, if you want to improve the Grass Master mutation, you will need to cut down more grass. Upgrading a mutation takes a lot of work, so unless you absolutely need the improved stat, consider letting it upgrade naturally over time.

Unlocking mutations in Grounded is a great way to tweak your character’s strengths. Depending on the task at hand, the mutations you want to activate will likely change, so take some time before a big task to assess which one is best for you. For more helpful tips and collectible guides, check out the Shacknews Grounded page.

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