Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit set for October start

Competitive Apex Legends is set to begin its next season soon with the ALGS Autumn Circuit scheduled for October.


While Apex Legends continues to go on strong, EA and Respawn Entertainment are also hoping to keep the game's esports wing on the right track. The Apex Legends Global Series is coming off its Summer Circuit where over 2,000 players competed for a spot in the ALGS Summer Playoffs. Not everybody made it, but those players will soon get another chance for glory with the upcoming Autumn Circuit.

The stakes will be just as high for the Apex Legends Global Series Autumn Circuit as it has been for previous seasons. The prize pool sits at $500,000 USD and only the top teams will be able to claim a piece of that pie. Here are the dates to keep in mind for the upcoming season:

  • Autumn Circuit Regional #1: October 3-5
  • Autumn Circuit Regional #2: October 17-19
  • Autumn Circuit Regional #3: October 31-November 2
  • Autumn Circuit Regional #4: November 7-9
  • Autumn Circuit Last Chance Qualifier: December 5-7
  • Autumn Circuit Playoffs: December 19-20

It should be noted that the Autumn Circuit will unfold a little differently than the previous season. For the specifics, let's turn to the Apex Legends website

Based on your feedback during the Summer Circuit, we have made several changes that we're carrying forward into the Autumn Circuit. All Regional and Super Regional Finals will have six games, with the exception of the Playoffs, which use the Match Point format. In North America and Europe, tournament rounds will again be balanced across Saturday, Sunday, and broadcast Mondays.

We've also made some changes that will start with the Autumn Circuit. The first four weeks of competition will have Regional play only, setting things up for the debut of Super Regional gameplay in the Last Chance Qualifiers and continuing in the Playoffs where the Autumn Circuit champions will be crowned.

Lastly, the competition between Greater Southeast Asia and Australia & New Zealand has been fierce, with teams from both regions splitting the first four Super Regionals. We're excited to announce that in the Autumn Circuit, these two regions will combine into one and compete against each other at all stages of competition.

The ALGS Autumn Circuit will run on Apex Legends Season 6, which recently saw the addition of new legend Rampart, crafting, and a new weapon called the Volt. The competition will be intense. Look for the action to kick off on October 3.

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