The Prisoner - Wasteland 3

Learn more about The Prisoner and the choices that surround him in Wasteland 3.


The Prisoner is an interesting character that players will come across early on in Wasteland 3. You’ll have the chance to release this older gentleman, though not much is known about him. Those curious to know exactly what part The Prisoner players and what the outcome of your choices are will find everything we’ve managed to find out in the guide below.

This post contains spoilers for Wasteland 3.

The Prisoner

As stated above, The Prisoner can be found extremely early in Wasteland 3’s campaign. In fact, you’ll come face to face with this somewhat deranged individual as you explore Ranger HQ for the first time. Locked in the brig, The Prisoner has been stuck in the base for as long as he can remember. If you try asking him about his life before, he’ll mention that he doesn’t really recall much because of how long he’s been locked inside his cell.

The Prisoner - Wasteland 3
You can release The Prisoner or let him rot.

Talking with The Prisoner will allow you to learn a bit about some of the different groups that have come through the base before your arrival, though none of it is extremely important to the overall plot of the game. After a while, you’ll be given the option to free The Prison or let him continue to rot in his cell. It’s very clear that he is a somewhat crazy individual, as he has spent the past several years living off some weird mushrooms in his cell. To release The Prisoner you’re going to either need Lockpicking 5 or the Brig Master’s Key.

Choosing to keep The Prisoner locked up will just result in him forever being situated in the brig for the rest of your playthrough. If you choose to let him go, you can later find a dead body located in the Colorado Springs Museum with a “thank you” note next to it. Aside from that, this decision doesn’t really have any bearing on the main story.

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