Ranger HQ vault codes - Wasteland 3

Learn how to get the Ranger HQ vault codes and open the basement doors in Wasteland 3.


While exploring the Ranger HQ in Wasteland 3, you probably came across the locked door just beyond the infirmary. If you interact with the door, you’ll learn that it requires a special code to unlock, one that you can’t just brute force your way into finding. There are quite a few goodies in the vaults beyond this door and in this guide, we’ll break down how to get the Ranger HQ vault codes in Wasteland 3.

This post contains spoilers for Wasteland 3.

How to get the Ranger HQ vault codes

To gain access to the vault below Ranger HQ, you’re going to need to progress through Wasteland 3’s campaign until a slaver by the name of La Perla appears near the exit to Colorado Springs. Speak with the slaver and she’ll mention wanting you to find a runaway slave named Hallie that has been spotted in the area.

Ranger HQ vault code - Hallie location - Wasteland 3
Talk to Hallie near the Pillories to bring her in or warn her about the slavers.

There are a few choices to make here that will determine how this quest plays out, so let’s go over them right quick.

  • You can turn her down immediately and the quest is over. After all, who wants to help a bunch of slavers catch an innocent young girl, right?
  • You can accept her proposal and she’ll offer to give you one of the codes to the vault as proof.
    you can take the code and accept or take the code and go test it yourself. It doesn’t really matter what choice you make out of these two. The code works, so there isn’t any reason to worry about that.

As far as we can tell, Hallie doesn’t really have any bearing on the main Wasteland 3 campaign, so you don’t have to feel bad about letting her get put into the hands of slavers.

La Perla dialogue - Ranger HQ vault codes - Wasteland 3
If you choose to warn Hallie, you'll have a couple of different dialogue options when speaking with La Perla again.

Accept the quest from La Perla and then head into Colorado Springs. You’ll find Hallie at a campfire near the pillories. Talk with her and you’ll have another couple of options to choose from:

  • Warn Hallie about the slaver looking for her. She’ll run away and you’ll get a boost to your Wastelander Refugees reputation.
  • Lie to Hallie and tell her that her mom is back at Ranger HQ. She’ll go there and be captured by La Perla.

If you choose to warn Hallie, head back to Ranger HQ and talk to La Perla. Couple of options here as well, including the ability to lie to La Perla, use a Kiss Ass 3 tier conversation option, or to just outright attack her and her people.

If you choose to turn Hallie in, return to the Ranger HQ and one of La Perla’s lackeys will hand over the rest of the vault codes, allowing you access to the vault. There’s no way to gain access to the rest of the vault without turning in Hallie to La Perla.

How to open the Commander's Armory

The two vaults inside aren’t the only ones that you can gain access, too. Once you get access to the first vault room (which you can get by having La Perla give you the code before you accept her mission), you can actually access the commander vault. To do this, locate the wall with the camera in the first vault room. As you approach it, you should take note of the dialogue box that appears above the camera.

How to access commander vault - wasteland 3
You can open access to the Commander's armory from the War Room terminal.

Break off one of your party and send them to the War Room. Once here, interact with the main terminal and choose the Clear Access for Commander's armory entry. This will unlock a new room for you to loot which includes two PDAs (+1 to Nerd Stuff) and several other items. It’s not quite the same loot you can get from the second vault room that La Perla gets you access to, but it should at least make you feel better about missing out on loot by not working with Slavers.

Now that you know how to get the Ranger HQ vault codes, make sure you head back over to our Wasteland 3 topic for more helpful guides like our article on how to upgrade the Kodiak chassis so you can travel through radiation.

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