How to upgrade Kodiak Chassis - Wasteland 3

Learn how to upgrade the Kodiak Chassis so that you can ride through nuclear areas in Wasteland 3.


One of the best parts of Wasteland 3 is the world map. Unlike previous entries in the series, players actually get control of a vehicle that they can move around the world using. This allows them to travel from location to location and even encounter random enemies along the way. If you want to explore all of the world in Wasteland 3, though, you’re going to need to know how to upgrade the Kodiak Chassis to withstand radiation.

This post contains some Wasteland 3 story spoilers.

How to upgrade the Kodiak Chassis

Upgrading the Kodiak Chassis is actually tied to the progression of one of the first main missions you encounter in Wasteland 3. After setting up the base, you’re going to need to staff it with a few different people. This is all part of the quest Full House.

How to upgrade Kodiak Chassis - Full House quest log
You'll need to complete part of Full House and add garage mechanics to Ranger HQ to unlock the Kodiak Chassis upgrade.

To get access to certain vehicle upgrades, you’re going to need to acquire a group of mechanics for the garage. This can be done as soon as you acquire the quest Unwelcome Guests, which you pick up from Gideon Reyes in Broadmoor Heights. Like most of the big quests in Wasteland 3, there are actually a couple of different outcomes, though they should all result in you being given a team to run the garage back at Ranger HQ.

Once you complete the quest – which has several parts to it – return to Ranger HQ and speak with whoever is in charge of the garage. They’ll offer to sell you a few different items. It’s here that you can purchase an upgraded vehicle chassis for the Kodiak, which will give you protection from the radioactive areas surrounding Colorado Springs. It should be noted that you will need to complete this step if you wish to travel to Denver and speak with Valor, one of the Patriarch’s sons.

Now that you know how to upgrade the Kodiak Chassis, you can get back out there and continue your journey. There’s a lot to see and do in inXile’s latest RPG, so make sure you return to our Wasteland 3 topic for the latest news, guides, and more.

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