Get a first look at the Call of Duty League Championship Throne

On top of a trophy and a ring, the winners for this weekend's Call of Duty League Championship will receive a full-blown championship throne. Please take a look.


Activision and Infinity Ward look to be sparing no expense for their first Call of Duty League champions. While the League hit several speed bumps en route to this championship weekend, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything comes down to this weekend. And for Activision, giving the winning team a trophy and championship rings is not enough. The publisher also wants to give the winning team their own championship throne.

Yes, you heard that right. A first for the world of esports, whichever team emerges the winner for this weekend's Call of Duty League Championship will receive a special throne on top of the Call of Duty League trophy and the Call of Duty League championship ring (pictured below).

The Call of Duty League championship throne will be designed by creative designer Sheron Barber. His clients include Drake, Billie Eilish, Rihanna, and Post Malone. You can check out his work on his Instagram page. Barber will put his love for arcade cabinets and cubism to work with this design. He will utilize Formica and a titanium veneer finish to resemble brushed metal and natural stone, crafting a full-blown throne with the Championship date, names, and player statistics from the full Call of Duty League season. You may have gotten a glimpse of the design concept in this story's header image, but let's take a look at the concept art from a different angle in the picture below.

The Call of Duty League Championship is set to take place this weekend, running from Saturday, August 29 through Sunday, August 30. The four teams still alive are the Atlanta FaZe, the Chicago Huntsmen, the Dallas Empire, and the London Royal Ravens. Despite the rough patches that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic, the COD League is coming off a dynamite Huntsmen vs. OpTic matchup that stands as the most watched match of the season. You can learn more about the four remaining teams on the Call of Duty League website. Shacknews will be watching this weekend, so stay tuned for more from the Call of Duty League Championship in the days ahead.

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