Call of Duty League returns with online-only matches this weekend

After the coronavirus brought the action to a halt, the Call of Duty League season is ready to resume online with the Dallas Empire Home Series this weekend.


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted the esports world across all sectors. Among those hit was the Call of Duty League, which has been in a holding pattern since the COVID-19 outbreak spiraled out of control. While the world isn't ready to go back to normal, Activision has annoucned that the Call of Duty League is set to pick back up with online-only competition starting this weekend.

The Call of Duty League will no longer offer live events, but the Dallas Empire Home Series is ready to bring back competitive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare action this Friday, April 10. Group stage play will take place on Friday, with knockout and semifinal matches taking place on Saturday. Sunday will see the final matches take place until a winner is crowned.

Here's the full Home Series schedule for the remainder of the Call of Duty League season:

COD League online schedule

"I spent many years at the NFL, and saw firsthand how sports can lift the human spirit," COD League Commissioner Johanna Faries said via press release. "No one wants to be in this situation, but we are, and we're thankful that Call of Duty League can forge ahead and deliver live competition to fans when it's probably needed most."

Many of the COD League players have been looking to stay sharp by taking part in exhibition matches over the past few weeks. Now they'll reunite with their teammates online and the results from here on out will count. As part of the recent deal with Google and YouTube Gaming, all of the Call of Duty action can be viewed exclusively on the COD League YouTube channel. More information on the return of the Call of Duty League can be found on the COD League website.

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