Subnautica and its sequel Below Zero come to Nintendo Switch in 2021

Unknown Worlds Entertainment is set to bring its aquatic and arctic adventures of the Subnautica series to Nintendo Switch next year.


Subnautica is a game bathed in curiosity and eeriness as you explore the deepest depths of the sea, as well as the lonely reaches of the arctic tundra in its sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero. If you’ve held off on this journey, it’s coming to a more portable form with a launch on Nintendo Switch. Both Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero are slated to hit the platform sometime in 2021.

The port of Subnautica and the Below Zero sequel to Nintendo Switch were announced on the Nintendo Indie World presentation on August 18, 2020. According to the new trailer, you’ll be able to embark in all of the journeys of the Subnautica series when the games launch on Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021. Whether you’re going deep into the ocean to explore the vast and mysterious sea beds or going into the artic through the harshest cold, you’ll discover strange and mysterious creatures on an alien world and use the limited tools at your disposal to survive the environments, whether peaceful or occasionally hostile.

Subnautica alone is worth a romp on the Nintendo Switch. This wonderful game captured the majesty of an alien ocean quite well, as well as the sometimes daunting or outright terrifying creatures that inhabit it. It was enough to earn the game a Shacknews Best PC Game of 2018 award and also land it prominently on our list of Best Indie Games of 2018. Below Zero is more Subnautica goodness with an icy tundra and its own waters to explore, as well as creatures entirely unique to it.

There’s only a 2021 window to go by for the Subnautica series at this time, so stay tuned as we await further news and information from Unknown Worlds Entertainment about the Nintendo Switch launch of the games.

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