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Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online: Day 1 schedule and runs to watch

Summer Games Done Quick 2020 begins today and it's going to be fully online. Shacknews is here with the full Day 1 schedule, as well as a few recommendations of what to check out.


It's that time of the summer, where the world's best speedrunners come together. It's a few weeks later than normal, but Summer Games Done Quick 2020 is ready to begin! It's seven days of speedrunning action, where many of the top runners in the world blaze through the top games of the past and present for a worldwide audience on Twitch. However, things are going to be a little bit different this year.

Summer Games Done Quick was supposed to come to you from Bloomington, MN. However, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic led to the physical event being canceled. Instead, everybody is going to go online. However, the mission remains the same. This year's event will raise money for Doctors Without Borders. Shacknews will be watching all week and we'll make sure to check in with the daily schedule each day this week, while also spotlighting noteworty runs worth following.

Here's the full schedule for Day 1, taken from the Games Done Quick website, along with a handful of runs to check out:

Time (All Times PT) Game Run Runner(s) Target Time
8:30 AM Pre-Show -- -- 25:00
9:00 AM Demon's Souls Any% - PS3 BertoPlease 1:00:00
10:10 AM Streets of Rage 4 Arcade Mania: Blaze - PC Mike Uyama 1:04:00
11:34 AM Rayman Legends Any% - PC DepressingChild 1:32:00
1:16 PM ICO Any% PS2 PAL - PS2 Beuchi 1:12:00
2:38 PM Shovel Knights: King of Cards Any% - PC davidtki 40:00
3:28 PM Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x All Goals and Golds (All Career) - PC The Packle 35:00
4:13 PM DUSK Any% Out of Bounds - PC B.G.B. 20:00
4:43 PM Metal Gear Solid Any% Extreme - PSTV plywood 1:02:00
5:55 PM Secret of Mana Any% 1 player 1 controller - SNES Crow! 2:51:00
8:56 PM Millennium Racer Amateur Championship - PC Fireman 45:00
9:51 PM Amnesia: The Dark Descent Any% (Quit-Outs Allowed) - PC bloodthunder 35:00
10:36 PM Silhouette Mirage Any% JP - Saturn kariohki 52:00
11:38 PM Keio Flying Squadron 2 Beat the Game - Saturn Mee 40:00
12:28 AM Kirby & The Amazing Mirror 100% - GBA swordsmankirby 1:15:00
1:53 AM Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron Any% - PC culinwino 20:00
2:23 AM Rabi-Ribi (Casual) 10 Town Members - PC IIvgmII 29:00
3:02 AM Adventures of Lolo 2 Any% - NES rayeo 30:00
3:42 AM Chicken of the Farm 100% - NES Xarnax42 14:00
4:06 AM New Ghostbusters II Any% - NES MadMegaX381 25:00
4:41 AM Gravity Trooper - Metal Storm No Wrong Warp - NES MadMegaX381 15:00
5:06 AM Micro Mages Any% - NES WhiteHat94 22:00
5:38 AM Legacy of the Wizard Any% - NES Dragondarch 35:00

9:00AM - Demon's Souls

While Dark Souls is where the craze started, there's a very real affinity for Demon's Souls. We saw it just a few weeks ago when fans rejoiced over the announcement of the upcoming PS5 remake. This year's Summer Games Done Quick will kick off with the PS3 original and will show off some of the vast differences between this game and its successors. There's so much that goes into this specific run and you can check out our interview with BertoPlease to learn more about it.

3:28PM - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x

We've made it pretty clear over the last few weeks that we have immense love for old-school Tony Hawk here at Shacknews. We were among the most excited to see the first two games getting the remaster treatment. So we're going to some time off from playing the Warehouse demo to check out this run of the vintage THPS2x. We're excited to see what wild tricks ThePackle can pull out, because we're dying to see what we're capable of performing in just a few weeks.

9:51PM - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Because we're eager to stay up and pull as many all-nighters with GDQ as possible, we need a good horror game to ensure that we don't go to bed anytime soon. Amnesia: The Dark Descent should fit that bill nicely. If you miss the haunting atmosphere of the first Amnesia, bloodthunder will be running it to close out Sunday.

Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online will take place from now through Saturday, August 22. For more, check out the Games Done Quick website and be sure to watch all of the action from Twitch.

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  • reply
    August 16, 2020 6:00 AM

    Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online: Day 1 schedule and runs to watch

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 7:30 AM

      Summer Games Done Quick 🌞🎮⌛⏩
      Starts TODAY Sunday, August 16th at Noon EDT (preshow starting at 11:30 AM) and runs until the 23rd and raises funds for Doctors Without Borders! This is a speedrunning marathon charity event with about 150 games being played and you can donate for various incentives such as bonus games or naming a character. If you can’t donate directly, you can make a purchase from or and a portion of the purchase price will go to the charity.
      Due to the current situation, the event will be entirely online this year. While they have done online only events previously, this will be their largest online only event so far.

      Twitch Channel:

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 8:52 AM

      Oh! Here's the official thread. I was responding to TroZ's from yesterday. Oops.

      Anyway, I am pumped for this event, though it'll be sad not to have the crowd in the audience. Nearly all of my favorite moments came from that over the past few years. Hopefully, they do get Demons Souls started soon. The pre-show is 20 minutes late right now.

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 8:54 AM

      Next: Demon's Souls
      Then: Streets of Rage 4
      Soon: Rayman Legends

      • reply
        August 16, 2020 8:56 AM

        Stream is LIVE!

        • reply
          August 16, 2020 8:58 AM

          Yep! It was fun watching Chat and seeing the comments flip to LIVE! all at once

        • reply
          August 16, 2020 9:00 AM

          Stream is dead!

        • reply
          August 16, 2020 9:22 AM

          Really live now! Show started!

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 8:59 AM

      Now?: Demon's Souls Any% — PS3
      Next: Streets of Rage 4
      Then: Rayman Legends
      Soon: ICO

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 9:40 AM

      I literally took the week off to watch SGDQ (I was at cap anyway). So excited!

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 10:21 AM

      Now: Streets of Rage 4 Arcade Mania - Blaze — PC
      Next: Rayman Legends
      Then: ICO
      Soon: Shovel Knight: King of Cards

      • reply
        August 16, 2020 10:53 AM

        The lead designer of the game is a commentator!

      • reply
        August 16, 2020 1:58 PM

        great run! love to see SoR clowned on, feels like revenge. They shouldn't have talked over/interrupted the dev so much tho.

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 12:01 PM

      Now: Rayman Legends Any% — PC
      Next: ICO
      Then: Shovel Knight: King of Cards
      Soon: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x

      • reply
        August 16, 2020 12:06 PM

        So far, the runs have been fun and interesting, even without a crowd.

      • reply
        August 16, 2020 12:38 PM

        ICO hype!!

      • reply
        August 16, 2020 1:53 PM

        Like with most modern 2D platformers, a run that never seems to end.

        I get that it's fun to play, but what a snore to watch.

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 1:59 PM

      Now: ICO Any% PS2 PAL — PS2
      Next: Shovel Knight: King of Cards
      Then: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x
      Soon: DUSK

      • reply
        August 16, 2020 1:59 PM

        Watermelon Ending is at about $4k of $5k

      • reply
        August 16, 2020 2:41 PM

        Did they say how much time would be saved by doing the blind jump?

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 3:39 PM

      Now: Shovel Knight: King of Cards Any% — PC
      Next: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x
      Then: DUSK
      Soon: Metal Gear Solid

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 4:38 PM

      Now: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x All Goals and Golds (All Career) — PC
      Next: DUSK
      Then: Metal Gear Solid
      Soon: Secret of Mana

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 5:34 PM

      Now: DUSK Any% Out of Bounds — PC
      Next: Metal Gear Solid
      Then: Secret of Mana
      Soon: Millennium Racer

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 6:16 PM

      Now: Metal Gear Solid Any% Extreme — PSTV
      Next: Secret of Mana
      Then: Millennium Racer
      Soon: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 7:38 PM

      Now: Secret of Mana Any% 1 player 1 controller — SNES
      Next: Millennium Racer
      Then: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
      Soon: Silhouette Mirage

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 10:20 PM

      $100,000 raised for Doctors Without Borders!

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 11:09 PM

      Now: Millennium Racer Amateur Championship — PC
      Next: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
      Then: Silhouette Mirage
      Soon: Keio Flying Squadron 2

    • reply
      August 16, 2020 11:11 PM

      Ok, I'm calling it a night here, and the thread has almost expired. If anyone would like to take over posting, go right ahead!

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