How to get Solstice Key Fragments - Destiny 2

Unlock all the Solstice packages you want by getting a steady supply of Solstice Key Fragments in Destiny 2.


Solstice Key Fragments are a yearly currency introduced to Destiny 2. These keys are used in opening Solstice packages, another box of goodies players will be receiving once a year. With each box requiring 15 keys to open, players are going to need a good supply if they want to open packages and upgrade armor.

How to get Solstice Key Fragments

solstice key fragments destiny 2

Thankfully, getting a lot of Solstice Key Fragments is simple. These keys are rewarded from just about everything to do with the Solstice of Heroes and the European Aerial Zone activity. However, players should focus on two areas:

  • Completing Eva Levante’s bounties
  • Opening chests during the scavenger portion of the EAZ

Firstly, Eva Levante offers weekly and daily bounties. These bounties reward players with five Solstice Key Fragments, which is a sure-fire way to get dozens rather quickly. What’s more, even her additional bounties reward keys. If you’ve got the Glimmer to spare, you can keep buying her bounties until you have all the keys you need.

eva levante bounties solstice of heroes destiny 2
Eva Levante's bounties offer five Solstice Key Fragments each.

Secondly, players should be trying to open as many chests during the reward stage of the European Aerial Zone. The more bosses you defeat within the time limit, the more chests will spawn. Every chest you open will reward you with either another Solstice package or Solstice Key Fragments. The more chests you get, the more chances you’ll get keys.

Keep in mind that initially the Solstice packages will only reward blue gear. Once you earn the Magnificent set of armor (by completing the Solstice of Heroes armor steps), these armor pieces will be available from the Solstice packages and will have random rolls. This could be useful for those chasing better stats.

Farming Solstice Key Fragments will take a bit of time, though it is an easy task. Remember to pick up as many of Eva Levante’s bounties as you can, and then defeat as many bosses as possible and open all the chests during the European Aerial Zone activity. Head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more helpful tips.

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