Watch the PlayStation State of Play August 6 livestream here

Sony has updates on PS5 third-party and indie titles and news on third-party games coming to PS4 and PS VR for this State of Play. You can watch it here!


The next PlayStation State of Play is here. As we rapidly approach the end of the year, and the time when the next generation of consoles are due to launch, Sony still has more information and updates to share with the playerbase. You can watch the special PlayStation State of Play August 6 livestream here, as Sony shows us more third-party-published games coming to PS4 and PS VR.

Watch PlayStation State of Play here

The state time of the PlayStation State of Play for August 6 is 1:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 p.m. ET. This puts it right toward the end of the day for those on the east coast, so no need to set an early alarm. For those in the west, perhaps a late lunch is in order? Check out the embedded YouTube video below or you can head right to the PlayStation Twitch or YouTube channel. Or just check out the embedded player below when it goes live.

As for what players can expect from the State of Play, Sony’s blog post on August 3, 2020, sheds some light on that.

State of Play returns this Thursday with a focus on third-party-published games coming to PS4 and PS VR. We’ll have a few PS5 game updates on third-party and indie titles you last saw in June’s PS5 showcase.

It would seem the main focus of this State of Play is on third-party titles for PS4 and PS VR. There will also be no news on first-party titles for PS5, but there are updates on third-party and indie titles coming to PS5 that were already shown in the June show.

The post also notes that there will be no PlayStation Studios updates. Those looking for more news on the next Spider-Man game or Horizon Forbidden West should temper their expectations. There will also be no information on hardware, business, preorders, or dates. It seems as if the standoff on launch date and price is still going.

Make sure you check out the Shacknews State of Play page where you will find the latest breaking news and hot announcements right out of the August 6 livestream.

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