Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout coming to Xbox?

Players on Xbox One want to know if Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to Microsoft's console so they can join the fun.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the hottest games right now and Xbox gamers want to know if they can play it on their console. It’s unusual for a game to release on a couple of platforms and not on Xbox One, so it’s certainly not usual to wonder what’s going on here then. So let’s take a look at whether Fall Guys is coming to Xbox and if not, why not.

Is Fall Guys on Xbox One (or Xbox Series X)?

Update (May 16, 2022): It has been confirmed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to Xbox platforms. It will officially launch on June 22, 2022 with the upcoming Free for All update.

This version of the game will be playable on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. As noted by Xbox Wire, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will be eligible for exclusive rewards after launch. All versions of Fall Guys will feature cross-progression and cross-platform play via Epic Online Services.

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Xbox players want Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on their console. It certainly would be the perfect Game Pass title.

Original story: While Fall Guys might not be available on Xbox now, and there are no official plans to bring it to Xbox in the works, the support page might give you a bit of hope. Answering the question of an Xbox and Switch release, the FAQ has the following response:

To start with, Fall Guys will only be available on PS4 and Steam. We'd love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line. Please let us know on Twitter and Discord which platforms you'd like us to release on next - we'd love to see how much demand there is!

The team over at Mediatonic are certainly aware of the appeal for release on more platforms. While there’s no guarantee it will happen, interested parties can at least express their desire on Twitter and Discord.

As for why Fall Guys isn’t on Xbox right now, it could be any number of reasons. The developers may have wanted to limit development time. Mediatonic could have a deal for console exclusivity with Sony. Only those working on the game know the reason why it’s not on Xbox at launch.

For those who have access to multiple platforms, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available on Steam and PlayStation 4, and is even available at no extra cost for those with a PS+ subscription. Xbox One players will just have to wait and see if Mediatonic releases Fall Guys on Xbox. In the meantime, check out the Shacknews Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout page where we’ll let you know if and when Fall Guys releases on Xbox.

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