Where to find the Animal Field Guide - Red Dead Online

Learn how to find the Animal Field Guide after getting it from Harriet Davenport in Red Dead Online.


One of the newest items that players will need to manage with the Naturalist pursuit is the Animal Field Guide. This handy book works similarly to a bestiary, documenting the various animals that you’ve hunted, skinned, photographed, and sampled throughout your journey. After you acquire it during the opening of the Naturalist role, though, it can be a bit confusing to find it. This guide will detail where you can find the Animal Field Guide in Red Dead Online.

Where to find the Animal Field Guide

Players can locate the Animal Field Guide one of two different ways. The simplest way to open it and search through its contents is through the Weapon Wheel. With the Weapon Wheel open, scroll over to the Items portion of the wheel and look out for the KIT section – where you camera, Collector’s Kit, and other items like that are. From here, scroll through the options until you locate the book icon labeled “Animal Field Guide”. Selecting this option will open the field guide and give you a glimpse at all the different collections you can complete.

Where to find the Animal Field Guide - Red Dead Online
The Animal Field Guide contains checklists for each of the different animals you can get samples from.

There are a number of collections in the field guide, too. In fact, a big part of the Naturalist update will have you hunting down animals, collecting samples from them, skinning them, and taking photos of them. When you complete an entire collection, you can then turn it in for additional experience and money. You can see how much each collection sells for by checking the bottom of the screen when highlighting one. For example, the Farmland Habitats collection will reward you for $60 when you complete it.

The other way to open the field guide is through the pause menu. Pause the game and then select the Progress area, then continue through to the Roles area. Here you can see a complete breakdown of your progress in the role, as well as open the Animal Field Guide. If you’re still having trouble finding the field guide, make sure you have purchased the Sample Kit from Harriet Davenport and started the Naturalist role.

Now that you know where to find the Animal Field Guide, make sure you check out the rest of our Red Dead Online guides for more useful info and content.

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