MMORPG TERA to get a Battle Arena PVP MOBA mode

Bluehole Studio and Gameforge's MMORPG TERA is giving players a new way to engage in competitive PVP with a multiplayer online battle arena mode - TERA Battle Arena.


TERA has been kicking around for a while, offering players a lush world and action-packed free-to-play MMORPG gameplay to explore. That said, Bluehole Studio and Gameforge are about to give players an all-new way to engage in the game with a new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mode in the form of TERA Battle Arena.

Bluehole Studio and Gameforge announced the new TERA Battle Arena via a YouTube video and press release on July 30, 2020. The new TERA Battle Arena brings a new mode to the game in which teams of players can pick up various heroes with kits composed of the game’s skills to engage in team-based competitive play. The mode is meant to be an inviting aside to TERA’s usual MMO dungeon crawl without the need for players to grind for powerful equipment to partake.

“Exploring TERA's world of Arborea and playing dungeons certainly is a unique and memorable experience, but we thought it would be great if even more players could experience some of the well-known TERA action in short sessions,” Bluehole Studio wrote of the reason for the new Battle Arena mode which can be seen in action in the trailer shared exclusively with Shacknews below.

TERA Battle Arena also aims to be easily understandable and inviting to new players who may not be fully familiar with the game’s skill and ability system while offering familiar players a new way to engage with characters that previously only served in non-playable roles.

“Since some newcomers found it somewhat challenging to understand and use TERA’s dozens of skills, we simplified them and focused on making them intuitive to use,” Bluehole continued. “From the perspective of existing users, the heroes of TERA’s world, which were only seen as NPCs, will provide a fresh experience when played on the battlefield.”

It’s not the first time TERA has taken on a whole genre outside of its own, having previously crossed over with the likes of the battle royale game PUBG in the past. That said, TERA Battle Arena should be an interesting way for players both familiar and unfamiliar with the game on a new competitive level. Head over to the game’s website to learn more about TERA Battle Arena and get ready to take on the game’s simplified and enjoyable approach to MMORPG battle in an all-new way.

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