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How to switch to third-person view - Grounded

Learn how to change the player camera from first-person view to third-person perspective, and back again, in Grounded.


Grounded can be experienced in both first-person and third-person view. When the game first starts, players will automatically be in first-person, but switching to third-person view in Grounded isn’t obvious. The good news is that it’s quick and easy to switch views, regardless of whether you’re on PC or Xbox.

Switch to third-person view and back to first-person

For those playing on PC, switching back and forth between first-person and third-person perspective in Grounded is a simple press of the button. By pressing the U key, the camera mode will be toggled back and forth. This makes it easy to get a wider perspective when you’re doing something like building a base.

third-person view Grounded
Grounded looks great whether you're playing in third-person or first-person, and it's easy to switch between the two!

Players on Xbox (or those using a controller on PC), will need to use a radial menu to swap to third-person view:

  1. Press the down button on the D-pad
  2. Tap up on the right-stick to highlight the top option
  3. Use either down on the D-pad or the A button to select the “Toggle Player Camera” option.

When you switch view in Grounded, you will be placed in third-person perspective. This will make it appear as if you are behind the character as opposed to behind their eyes (no surprise there). If you want to switch back to first-person, use the same method of opening up the radial menu and choosing the “Toggle Player Camera” option or by pressing the U key.

While players on PC can press the U key to do this in one button press, they can also open up the same radial menu by pressing Z. This will allow them to access the other options that are in this executable radial. PC players can also change the keybindings and controls to something more comfortable.

Switching between third-person and first-person in Grounded is as easy as that. There’s no tricky business involved and no waiting for it to be implemented. While Xbox players do need to press a few more buttons, it’s still pretty simple. Be sure to look over the Shacknews Grounded page for more guides.

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