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Discover the controls and keybindings for Grounded on PC, Obsidian Entertainment's survival game.


Grounded is now available on PC, so learning the PC keybindings and controls will be the first stop for a lot of players. Depending on your preferred playstyle, you may want to spend some time in the options, tinkering with the exact keybindings and buttons. It’s here you’ll discover a lot of little mechanics you may not have realized at first.

Grounded PC keybindings

pc keybindings Grounded
Take a look through the keybindings and buttons for Grounded on PC.

Grounded has several different keybinding inputs depending on the context. There are different buttons if you’re out exploring, in a menu crafting, or even building your base. It can be a good idea to edit the buttons slightly to something you’re more comfortable using as this will help you survive longer in the hazardous backyard.

Keyboard buttons and inputs
In-Game Mapping
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Swim Up Space
Swim Down Ctrl
Autorun N
Jump Space
Interact (Use) E
Interact (Cancel) X
Attack Left click
Block Right click
Throw R
Sprint Shift
Crouch Ctrl
Glide Shift
Equip Previous Q
Camera Mode Toggle U
Push to Talk Alt
Toggle Trail/Backpack Markers Y
HotPouch Slot 1 1
HotPouch Slot 2 2
HotPouch Slot 3 3
HotPouch Slot 4 4
HotPouch Slot 5 5
HotPouch Slot 6 6
HotPouch Slot 7 7
HotPouch Slot 8 8
Construction Mappings
Place Building Left click
Rotate Building Right Q
Rotate Building Left E
Cancel Right click
UI Mapping
Toggle SCA.B Menu Tab
Toggle Inventory Menu I
Toggle Crafting Menu C
Toggle Map Menu M
Toggle Building Radial B
Toggle HotPouch Radial V
Toggle Ammo Radial L
Toggle Emote Radial H
Toggle Quickchat Radial T
Toggle Executables Radial Z
Next Page E
Previous Page Q
Next Tab D
Previous Tab A
Next Radial Page E
Previous Radial Page Q
Equip Item F
Drop Item Z
Consume Item Space
Inspect Item O
Repair Item R
Item Actions W
Assign HotPouch Slot Enter
Unassign HotPouch Slot X
Chat Enter
Transfer Item R
Take All W
Narration More Info Num

Anyone just starting out in Grounded should take a moment to study the PC keybindings and controls. There are several different contexts in which these buttons change, so making sure they feel right is important. Check out the Grounded page for more information that should help you survive the dangerous of an everyday backyard.

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