How to get Legendary Animal Sighting Missions - Red Dead Online

Everything you need to know to unlock Legendary Animal Sighting Missions in Red Dead Online's Naturalist update.


The Naturalist role is the latest Frontier Pursuit to join the ranks of Red Dead Online’s various jobs, and players can meet up with Harriet Davenport to kick off the new adventure on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One right now. One of the new features available with the Naturalist role is the introduction of Legendary Animal Sighting Missions, which make it much easier to find the Legendary Animals roaming around the world in Red Dead Online. If you’re struggling to figure out how these missions work, then we can help.

How to get Legendary Animal Sighting Missions

While the ability to hunt Legendary Animals unlocks immediately after downloading the latest update, those wanting to hunt down all of the rare creatures in the game will need to partake in the Naturalist Role at least up to Rank 5. This is when Legendary Animal Sighting Missions start to unlock, which will allow you to hunt down some of the more difficult creatures to find.

How to get Legendary Animal Sighting Missions - Red Dead Online
Reach Rank 5 in the Naturalist role and then speak with Harriet to unlock Legendary Animal Sighting Missions.

Once you have reached Rank 5 of the Naturalist role, you can head over to the nearest campsite that Harriet has set up. She’s pitched her tent in a few different places throughout the world, including one a couple around Strawberry, as well as a campsite over near Saint Denis. Speak with the animal-loving NPC and then choose the Missions option from the selection screen. If you’ve unlocked any new Legendary Animal Sighting Missions, then they’ll be available here, allowing you to take them on.

Unfortunately, leveling up your Naturalist role can be a bit grindy, but just keep at it and you’ll reach Rank 5 in no time. For more info on the new update check out our guide on whether you should choose to help Harriet Davenport or Gus MacMillan, where we breakdown everything you need to know about the two new characters.

Now that you know how to get Legendary Animal Sighting Missions, head back over to our other Red Dead Online guides for more useful information and content.

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