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Harriet Davenport or Gus MacMillan - Red Dead Online

Should you side with Harriet Davenport or Gus MacMillan in Red Dead Online's The Naturalist role? Here's what you need to know.


Players jumping into the new The Naturalist Frontier Pursuit in Red Dead Online will find themselves with a bit of a choice to face. Will they help Harriet Davenport or will they help Gus MacMillan? We've put together this handy guide to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Harriet Davenport or Gus MacMillan?

If you’re planning on diving into the latest role to hit Red Dead Online’s Frontier Pursuits, then you’re going to need to prepare. The new pursuit, which tasks players with hunting down, sedating, and collecting blood samples from different animals has a lot of new rewards to offer. Unlike previous roles, though, those heading into The Naturalist will find themselves face to face with a decision. Do I help Harriet Davenport or Gus MacMillan?

Where Harriet Davenport is a lover of animals and wants to help save them and study them, Gus MacMillan has made his living spilling the blood of the very creatures that Harriet is struggling to keep safe. As such, choosing to kill animals and help Gus will cause Harriet to get angry with you. However, as far as we can tell, there doesn’t really seem to be any big penalty to killing animals and turning them into Gus aside from some verbal chastisement when you go to speak to Harriet again. We have seen reports of some players being knocked out by Harriet and then being locked out of her content for a short while when killing several animals. We're working on testing this out ourselves and will update when we know more.

Harriet Davenport or Gus MacMillan in Red Dead Online
There doesn't currently appear to be any real consequence for choosing Gus over Harriet.

The Naturalist role seems to be specifically tied to the sedation and collection of blood samples from animals, which means you’re going to need to help Harriet if you truly want to progress in that role and unlock all the new rewards that it has to offer. We have yet to unlock any of the Legendary Animal missions or even find one out in the main world, so we’ll update this guide when we’ve had a chance to properly test that our some more.

For now, it doesn’t appear that the choice between Harriet Davenport and Gus MacMillan is really that important. For more help, make sure you check out our Red Dead Online guides and keep your eyes right here on Shacknews for future coverage.

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