Remedy's Tuukka Taipalvesi on CrossfireX: 'The world is the main character'

Remedy is stepping into a whole new world with CrossfireX, establishing that the character to watch will be the game's world.


Earlier today, players got to take a first look at the campaign trailer for CrossfireX, the single-player story centered around the popular online shooter. While Korean developer Smilegate is, first and foremost, the force behind the multiplayer shooter, the single-player campaign is being done by the team at Remedy Entertainment, who are coming off their work on 2019 GOTY contender Control. And while Remedy is known for putting forward memorable characters and worlds, this is one of their first times working on a world that's already established. And in fact, it's the world that Remedy wants to highlight above all else.

"In previous Remedy games, we have had a lot of time to do a lot of character development or usually for one central character," Executive Producer Tuukka Taipalvesi told Shacknews. "In Crossfire, the world itself is the main character and we use different characters to look into that world. In essence, we tried to make these characters as interesting, flawed, Remedy-type characters, as multi-faceted as we possibly can, but then again, their introductions to the players are shorter than we have had time previously for our main characters."

During our brief time with Remedy, Shacknews got to take a look at a short chunk of one of CrossfireX's operations. We were introduced to Luis Torres, who was being escorted in a prison bus before it was suddenly blown up by a military drone. An evil military faction called Global Risk wanted Torres dead and was in hot pursuit. The player took control of Torres, as an opposing faction member (Sgt. Nicholas Kamara) looked to lead him to safety through an abandoned hospital. The hospital was soon blown up by a missile on the order of Global Risk leader General Maddox, but Torres was able to escape onto an abandoned ambulance, leading to a shootout from the back of the moving vehicle.

Players look to have access to heavy military-grade weaponry, as well as a bullet time feature Remedy is calling "Combat Breaker." And while this would seemingly point to Torres as the main character, the Remedy team made sure to note that CrossfireX's multiple operations would establish numerous protagonists in Smilegate's universe.

"I hope you get to play the game as soon as you can so you can make up your own mind how all of these compare, because Torres is just one of the many main characters in this game," Taipalvesi added."

CrossfireX is coming soon to Xbox Series X and Xbox One. If you missed this morning's trailer, as well all of the other news to come out of Microsoft, be sure to browse through our full recap of Thursday's Xbox Games Showcase.

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