How to get the Grappling Hook - Ghost of Tsushima

Everything you need to know to unlock the Grappling Hook in Ghost of Tsushima.


Players will find quite a few different items available in Jin Sakai’s arsenal in Ghost of Tsushima. These pieces of equipment can range from weapons like bows and smoke bombs, to other useful things like the Grappling Hook. In this guide, we’ll focused on how to get the Grappling Hook, which will unlock new avenues for Jin to move through the world.

This article contains spoilers for Ghost of Tsushima.

How to get the Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook is one of the most versatile tools you’ll come across in Ghost of Tsushima and you’ll need to unlock it to complete some of the various Shinto Shrines and other activities around the game world. Luckily, it doesn’t take too long to get your hands on, and this guide will show you the easiest way to get it.

how to get the grappling hook - ghost of tsushima
The Grappling Hook can be unlocked to give you access to new areas.

Basically, to unlock the Grappling Hook you’re going to need to play through the primary portion of the story until you complete The Iron Hook, one of the main story entries in the game. During this quest you’ll obtain the Grappling Hook, allowing you to use it to traverse different environments throughout the world.

Much like many of the other tools that Jin unlocks, the Grappling Hook will prove a vital piece of equipment throughout the rest of your journey. Make sure to keep an eye out for grappling locations, which are marked often marked with rope. You can interact with these by pressing R2 when the prompt pops up, allowing you to throw the hook and swing yourself to places you couldn’t reach before.

Now that you’ve got the Grappling Hook, it’s time to prepare yourself in other ways. Make sure you check out our guides on how to get new charms and even our guide on how to unlock more charm slots. You can also head back over to our Ghost of Tsushima guide for even more in-depth content.

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