How to get new charms - Ghost of Tsushima

Everything you need to know to get your hands on more charms in Ghost of Tsushima.


Charms are a vital part of the inventory system in Ghost of Tsushima. Equipping these items can grant you various buffs from basic health boosts to increased damage and a slew of other options in between. If you want to round out your playstyle as much as possible, then knowing how to get new charms will be important. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

How to get new charms

Getting new charms can happen throughout regular gameplay in Ghost of Tsushima. In fact, many missions that you take on will reward you with various types of charms that you can equip, including both Major and Minor Charms. But, if you want to find charms more reliably, you’re going to want to start finding and completing Shinto Shrines.

How to get new charms - ghost of tsushima
There are a variety of charms available to unlock in Ghost of Tsushima, including Major and Minor charms.

These special shrines are hidden all around the island of Tsushima, and there are 16 in total. Each one will reward you with a charm as well as some Wax Wood when you complete it, allowing you to pick and choose how you want to buff your character up. To complete a Shinto Shrine and unlock the charm associated with it, you’re going to want to make your way all the way to the building at the top and then pay your respects to the shrine by interacting with it. Most of these shrines that you come across will be fairly straightforward, though some will require the use of items like the Grappling Hook to make it all the way to the top.

Need more slots for charms? Players can also find Inari Shrines (the shrines tied to the Fox Dens) to unlock new charm slots. Once you’ve unlocked all the available slots, you will start unlocking additional Charms that you can equip on your character.

Now that you know how to get new Charms, make sure you check out the rest of our Ghost of Tsushima guide for even more helpful content and information.

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