White Dye Merchant location - Ghost of Tsushima

Learn how to find the White Dye Merchant's location in Ghost of Tsushima on the PlayStation 4.


Ghost of Tsushima has multiple secrets hidden throughout the island that the game takes place on. Spread out across three major regions, and multiple smaller regions, players will find plenty to explore and discover as they step into the shoes of Jin Sakai. In this guide, we’ll break down the location of the White Dye Merchant, who sells very special armor and weapon dyes for you to make use of.

This article contains minor spoilers for Ghost of Tsushima.

White Dye Merchant location

Players looking to unlock some additional flair for their weapons and armor can do so by visiting the White Dye Merchant, a special vendor found in the first major area of Ghost of Tsushima. Like most appearance-related items, the White Dye Merchant will sell various goodies for Flowers, which you can also find scattered across the island of Tsushima.

To find the White Dye Merchant, you’re going to need to make your way northwest of Kashine Forest. Continue making your way northwest until you approach Wandered’s Pass, which is just southeast of Komoda Town. Once you start to get close, a question mark icon should appear on the map, or even on your HUD.

White Dye Merchant location - Ghost of Tsushima
The White Dye Merchant can be found here. Ignore the blocked off text on the right, as we wanted to remove any spoiler objectives.

To reach the White Dye Merchant, follow the road that winds near the Wander’s Pass up to the tower at the top of the cliffside. This is where the merchant resides, and you can purchase white-based dyes for your armor and weapons by speaking to him. We’ve included an image of the map location that you can find the vendor at above.

We’re not yet sure if the White Dye Merchant will offer anything other than white-based dyes, but at least it’s nice to know there are some more premium coloring options available for those looking to equip them.

Now that you know how to find the White Dye Merchant, be sure to check out the rest of our Ghost of Tsuhima guide for even more helpful info and content.

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