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How to farm Flowers fast - Ghost of Tsushima

Learn the quickest way to find and farm Flowers in Ghost of Tsushima.


Flowers are one of many useful resources that players can acquire throughout their time in Ghost of Tsushima. Unlike other materials – which are used to upgrade your gear – Flowers are used as a currency for purchasing a variety of customization options like Sword Kits, Armor Dyes, and more. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best ways to farm Flowers, which you can then use to change up Jin’s look.

How to farm Flowers fast

Farming Flowers is actually a lot simpler than you might think, however it does take some time. Like many of the crafting materials you need together to upgrade your weapons and gear, Flowers can be found throughout the world in random places. We’re not sure if they respawn after you’ve picked them, as they always appear to spawn back in random spots when exploring the world.

Whether or not they respawn isn’t important, though. Much like many of the other items that play a vital part in Ghost of Tsushima, players can eventually use the Guiding Wind to find Flowers. You can select this option from the map in the pause menu, which will then cause the Guiding Wind to lead you to any nearby Flowers that you haven’t picked. This is a great way to take a break from the main story, explore the world that Sucker Punch has created, and collect yourself some bargaining chips.

how to farm flowers in Ghost of Tsushima
Flowers can be spotted all around the island. Interact with them to pick them up.

We’ve managed to farm quite a few Flowers using this method and you can pretty much do it at any time. There are other things you can use the Guiding Wind to find as well. If you’re not a fan of using the Guiding Wind, then some notable places to look for large amounts of Flowers include the areas around Shrines, as well as around the outskirts of the various towns and village areas that you explore throughout the story. These often have plenty of Flowers just waiting to be picked.

Now that you know how to farm for Flowers, be sure to head back over to our Ghost of Tsushima guide for even more helpful information and content.

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