Surgeon Simulator 2's Creation Mode lets you craft medical catastrophes with friends

There's a new Creation Mode coming to Surgeon Simulator 2 that will allow you to create and share your medical mishaps solo or with friends. Check out the trailer here.


Surgeon Simulator 2 is looking to be a ridiculous good time in its expansion to multiplayer and the ridiculous medical malpractice that will come with several ill-equipped players trying to fix up a hapless patient. That said, if playing the regular game and rooting around inside your soon-to-be victims in standard modes isn’t enough of a good time, Surgeon Simulator 2 is also getting a Creation Mode so you can craft your own operating room travesties.

Bossa Studios launched their latest trailer for Surgeon Simulator 2 and its Creation Mode on the Surgeon Simulator YouTube channel on July 14, 2020. It would appear Surgeon Simulator 2 will be launching in Closed Beta access on August 7 to 9, with a full launch on August 27, 2020 with a new Creation Mode that will allow either solo or co-op players to design and decorate as they see fit. You can turn your operating room into an irreverent party house to match your malpractice or go wild in a number of other ways which can be seen in the trailer below.

The multiplayer option bringing other surgeons into our ridiculous fun in Surgeon Simulator 2 already sounded like a winning proposal, but it truly does look like the sky is the limit on opportunities with the Creation Mode. The design of dance rooms, dining halls, and a number of other interconnected contraptions looks like an absolute blast. What’s more, there’s going to be a sharing feature where you can put your creations in front of the haphazard medical community or explore what other players have put together in their own creation mode.

We’ve had an absolute blast in the past playing Surgeon Simulator in its VR experience, so we’re looking forward to all the ridiculous antics Surgeon Simulator 2 throws at us on August 27. Find it and other games and plan out your medical malpractice with our 2020 gaming calendar.

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