How to increase max health - Ghost of Tsushima

Everything you need to know to increase your max health in Ghost of Tsushima.


Like any combat game, you can only take so many hits before you end up dying in Ghost of Tsushima. If you want to decrease the chances of dying and allow yourself to take more hits before going down, then you’re going to want to increase your max health. Luckily, this guide can teach you all that you need to know.

How to increase max health

Starting out, players will find that Jin’s max health isn’t all that high. Thankfully, you can start upgrading this early on by completing a couple of different things in the game. The first – and easiest – way to increase your max health is to simply play the game. As you progress, your legend will grow, allowing you to level up and unlock new technique points.

Not only will leveling up increase your max health overall, but it also allows you to purchase some techniques which can offer you benefits to your health when fighting.

how to increase health - ghost of tsushima
Healing Springs like this one will allow Jin to unlock more health.

The second way to increase max health, and the most prominent, is to find and use Healing Springs. These collectible-type items are hidden all around the island of Tsushima, and you’ll often come across them as you travel around the game world. Interacting with these pools of warm water will allow you to reflect upon a couple of different options, giving you more information on Jin’s story, the game world, and then also rewarding you with an additional increase to your max health.

You can find Healing Springs most easily by unlocking the Exploration Technique called Wind of Healing. This will cause the Guiding Wind – which acts as the game’s GPS system – to point you towards the closest undiscovered Healing Spring. Remember to take time throughout your playthrough to find Healing Springs and level up your health.

Now that you know how to level up your max health, you can head over to our Ghost of Tsushima guide for even more in-depth and helpful content, like our guide on how to increase Resolve, which shows you how to find Bamboo Strikes around the island of Tsushima.

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