PC keybindings and controls - Death Stranding

Learn the controls and keybindings for Death Stranding on PC.


Death Stranding is now on PC, and that means new key bindings and controls to learn. For those that like to tinker with their setup, Death Stranding offers a whole lot of customization with its key assignments. Before you start your trek across the United States, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the key bindings for keyboard and mouse.

Death Stranding PC keybindings

death stranding pc keybindings and controls
Read the Death Stranding PC keybindings and controls before you dive in.

Death Stranding on PC has a bunch of keybindings and buttons for players to edit. Expect the usual modifications to be available, including how you interact with objects, attack, and carry things. There are also shortcuts for quickly equipping and unequipping items, tools, and equipment. Below you’ll find the full list of Death Stranding PC default controls and keybindings.

Action Button
Ready Item Right Mouse Click
Adjust Construction Location/Use Left Mouse Click
Center Balance (Left) Left Mouse Click
Center Balance (Right) Right Mouse Click
Change Ammo Type Z
Reload Weapon R
Attack V
Perform Action F
Activate Terminal/Open Cargo Menu F
Carry on Back E
Use/Dismount Vehicle F
Hold Breath Left Alt
Move Forwards W
Move Backwards S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Crouch/Stand C
Walk Left Control
Sprint Left Shift
Jump/Climb Space
Switch Camera Left/Right T
Zoom In T
Compass Mode G
Scan Q
Like/Call Out 5
Open Cargo Menu I
Open Cuff Links Tab
Quick Equip/Unequip Tool 1
Quick Function Change 2
Quick Equip/Unequip Item 3
Quick Equip/Unequip Equipment 4
Photo Mode F8
Private Room Controls (Button 1) 1
Private Room Controls (Button 2) 2
Private Room Controls (Button 3) 3
Private Room Controls (Button 4) 4

For those just getting started on PC, make sure your build meets the minimum PC requirements for Death Stranding or even the recommended and high-end settings. You can even check out our other Death Stranding guides for answers to the many questions you will have regarding Kojima’s latest and greatest title.

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