Watch Dogs: Legion gets October release date during Ubisoft Forward

Take a fresh look at Watch Dogs: Legion from Ubisoft Forward and scope out its new October release date.


Sunday's Ubisoft Forward presentation kicked off with the next look at Watch Dogs: Legion. This latest look into the massive open world adventure from Ubisoft Toronto offered a chilling look into the continuing rise of fascism in London through a short film.

In a special short film, the latest look at Watch Dogs: Legion showed off a masked resistance fighter escaping her police pursuers. While she was able to ride a drone and jump from vehicle to vehicle, she was eventually cornered by police forces. That's when a seemingly concerned citizen decided to intervene and pick up the rebel and drive her to safety. He dropped her off at a Dedsec safehouse, where she got to meet the rest of the resistance.

Players also got to take a closer look at the Watch Dogs: Legion story as a whole. Here's where they got to meet Nigel Cass, leader of the private security firm Albion. And Cass has grand plans to institute fascism throughout London in the name of national security. Players will have to use their ability to blend into the world to recruit more people to their cause and ultimately take London back for the people.

After a lengthy delay, it now looks like Ubisoft Toronto's open world espionage fiesta now has a release date. Watch Dogs: Legion is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia on October 29. The game will also come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X whenever those consoles release with Xbox's Phil Spencer confirming that the Xbox Series X version would support Smart Delivery. But that isn't all for this game from us today. Shacknews will have more on Watch Dogs: Legion later today, so stay tuned.

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