Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay reveal kicks off Devolver Direct 2020

As promised, Shadow Warrior 3 got a new gameplay reveal at this year's Devolver Direct.


Saturday's Devolver Direct presentation kicked off with a fresh look at Shadow Warrior 3. This was the first gameplay reveal for the third part of Lo Wang's trilogy, giving viewers another taste of Wang.

The first-person action looks to be every bit as visceral as the previous two games. Demon blood is shed all over the place, with Wang dismembering monstrous creatures left and right. And those monstrous creatures range from the horrifying (like big, bad horned demons) to the outright weird, like folding accordion-looking guys. Wang even takes some of those dismembered body parts and uses them as a weapon. Wang will be able to mix up his signature Katana blade with heavy firearms to take the fight to the enemy before finishing them with brutal execution moves. If swordfighting and gunplay aren't enough, the environment can also present fun possibilities for dispatching foes. Wang can also use his agility to perform air dashes, wall runs, and double jumps across a colorful take on feudal Japan.

Shadow Warrior 3 was previously teased earlier this week and, as promised, the Devolver Digital team along with developer Flying Wild Hog came along to reveal more of Lo Wang's third adventure. The story sees Wang and sidekick Orochi Zilla seek to recapture an ancient dragon that's been unleashed from its eternal prison.

Shadow Warrior 3 is set to release in 2021. It'll hit PC first through Steam. Whether it will come to consoles, as the game's two predecessors did, remains to be seen.

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