Pokemon Masters introduces Eggs with Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Masters, so start putting your eggs in one basket.


To this point, Pokemon Masters has been missing something that some of the other big Pokemon games, like Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon GO, have featured prominently. But with the latest update, DeNA's mobile hit will look to rectify that. So get ready to begin your search for rare Shiny Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon will come from Pokemon Eggs, which were introduced to Pokemon Masters not too long ago. After completing enough battles in the Main Story or Training Area, players will open up Professor Bellis' Lab. That's where they'll find incubators to place any Pokemon Eggs they might have in their possession. Leave the eggs there and complete a set number of battles. Pokemon that hatch from eggs will have different skills and passive abilities, even if they happen to hatch the same Pokemon. But the money is in Shiny Pokemon and they'll hatch on rare occasions. Look for more Pokemon to come to Pokemon Eggs in future events, starting today with Tauros and Meowth now becoming available through eggs.

Today also kicks off a new story event called Serena's Dessert Party. This brings in Serena from the Pokemon the Series: XY anime, along with her partner Fennekin. As the title implies, the mission here will involve cheering up Pokemon by throwing a dessert party. But to do so, you'll have to recover all of those delicious desserts from the evil Team Break. This story event will trigger if Chapter 1 of the Main Story is complete. Once Serena's Dessert Party is complete, new Full Force Battles will open up, while Serena and Fennekin become available as a new Sync Pair.

The Serena's Dessert Party event will run from now through July 20 at 11:59PM PT. As for Shiny Pokemon, those are here to stay, so keep an eye out for more Shiny Pokemon opportunities in the future.

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