Halo Infinite teaser features a transmission from rogue Covenant faction the Banished

Always in the shadows of the mainline games, it looks like Covenant mercenary faction the Banished could be playing a major role in Halo Infinite.


We’re still quite a ways out from Halo Infinite and know very little about what’s going to be coming in the game, including gameplay or narrative. However, Microsoft and 343 Industries may have just given us a small peek at the latter. A teaser was dropped recently, and a familiar faction lurking in the background of the Halo games appears to be making a comeback. It seems the Banished will be back in action for Halo Infinite.

343 Industries dropped a teaser video on the official Halo Twitter on June 24, 2020. The video doesn’t do much. It’s really just an image of a communication screen as a transmission plays out. The burly voice on the end speaks to a vendetta against both the Covenant and humanity, as well as a promise to rise and carry out the will of an unknown force before ending with a proud declaration. “We are the Banished.”

For those who don’t know, the Banished are a rogue faction led by Brutes that split off from the main Covenant forces, led by the warlord Atriox. They’ve been mentioned only lightly in the mainline Halo games with an actual appearance in Halo Wars 2. They’re ruthless pirates and raiders to say the least, but their presence has really only been implied outside of extended works until now. With very little known about Halo Infinite outside of it being revealed for Xbox Series X this Holiday 2020 and seemingly bringing Master Chief back into the fight, there are still a lot of questions about what the Banished are doing here or what purpose they’ll serve in Halo: Infinite.

Whatever the Banished are doing in Halo Infinite, they don’t sound like they’re coming with polite intentions in mind. Stay tuned for further details and information as we await the latest on Halo Infinite at the end of this 2020 gaming calendar.

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