Suda 51 kicked off NGPX 2020 with No More Heroes 3 gameplay, which he hid from view

In a bit of an epic troll, Suda 51 started the NGPX 2020 presentation by showing new No More Heroes 3 footage, which he blocked with his body as he introduced the presentation.


Goichi “Suda 51” Suda is no stranger to strange antics. The developer and lead of Grasshopper Manufacture is well known for being quirky in addition to his lengthy and storied history in gaming, which likely played a part in Suda introducing the New Game+ Expo 2020 (NGPX 2020) presentation. We should have known Suda 51 would have something cheeky up his sleeve, but nobody probably would have guessed that he’d give his whole introduction with new No More Heroes 3 gameplay footage playing him as he obscured it to launch the show.

The NGPX 2020 presentation took place live on the New Game Plus Expo YouTube channel. A neat show featuring a wealth of game news, footage, and reveals from the likes of Arc System Works and Guilty Gear, Natsume and Harvest Moon, and much more, Suda 51 was given the spotlight to issue the opening address of the presentation. True to his odd fashion, Suda gave an address of mostly regular pomp and circumstance, with the exception that never-before-seen footage of No More Heroes 3 gameplay ran behind his profile as he gave the address. Suda gave the NGPX 2020 intro without reference or acknowledgement to any of it.

Many fans have been waiting for any sign or news of No More Heroes 3 since it was first announced the game would be coming back in June 2019. We’ve had chances to chat with Suda about No More Heroes 3 and the expectations of fans, but he certainly still has his own way about things. After all, few probably expected they’d be watching some of the first gameplay footage of No More Heroes 3 in which Suda 51 pretty much blocked out the majority of the action as it was happening without any kind of nod to it.

As far as we know, No More Heroes 3 is still expected to arrive on Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020. If the gameplay we could make out from around Suda 51’s body and gestures was any indication, it’s looking pretty slick. Stay tuned for further news, details, and weird Suda antics leading up to the launch. In the meantime, we know he's working hard, but we also hope Suda 51 finds some downtime to beat the excellent Super Mario Odyssey.

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