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Overwatch League says goodbye to Sinatraa with Zarya MVP skin

Reigning MVP Sinatraa is leaving the Overwatch League on a high note, thanks to this new Zarya skin that's available for two weeks only.


Last season, few Overwatch League players proved more dominant than the San Francisco Shock's Jay "Sinatraa" Won. Sinatraa proved to be one of the league's centerpieces, displaying total mastery of Zarya, among other Overwatch characters. And even with Sinatraa deciding to retire from Overwatch League play, Blizzard still wants to send its reigning MVP out on a high note by releasing a new Zarya skin that he had a hand in designing.

Take a look at Alien, the newest skin for Zarya. This turns the character from a large hulking Russian into a dapper extraterrestrial ready to get down to business. On top of honoring the reigning MVP, this is honestly one of the coolest skins to hit Overwatch itself in the game's years of existence. It takes an existing character and reinvents it into something almost entirely new. Plus, it looks really sweet. Sinatraa himself had input on this skin's design, blending together one of his signatures (the alien logo) and the Rat Pack aesthetic, which is a nod to his handle.

The new Zarya skin sends Sinatraa out on a high note. The 2019 MVP abruptly announced his retirement from competitive Overwatch back at the end of April. Citing a loss of passion for the game, Sinatraa is now shifting to competitive Valorant, where he joins the Sentinels. The Overwatch League, as well as the San Francisco Shock, had previously issued statements wishing Sinatraa the best in his future endeavors. Valorant just released earlier this month, so stay tuned as we await word from Riot Games on any details regarding a potential competitive Valorant league. In the meantime, their Ignition Series is set to kick off soon.

Those who want a taste of this new Zarya skin won't have very long to grab it. The 2019 MVP Legendary Alien skin is available right now, but it'll only be around for two weeks. If you have 200 OWL Tokens lying around, now's the time to use them. Here's a refresher on how OWL Tokens work and how you can earn them, direct from the Overwatch League website.

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